Terms of Agreement

(Last Updated: June 07, 2012)

IMPORTANT: by accepting these terms and conditions you are entering into a legally binding contract. It is therefore important that you read these terms and conditions carefully.

If you do not agree to any part of these terms, or if any content of the sites is illegal in the territory where you currently reside, then please do not proceed.

Headings do not form part of these terms and conditions and will not affect their interpretation.

In these terms and conditions, "you" refers to the member and "we", "us" refers to eMUQtech.com, a Florida corporation having its principal place of business at [1000 5th Street, Suite 200-B, Miami Beach, FL 33139 United States of America (“eMUQ”). eMUQtech.com is a network of associated websites ("the sites") owned and operated wholly by us and consists of the following URLs:


AthleteScoop.com Chatagory.com ChemistryCrush.com CupaComic.com CurvyCutes.com CycleRounds.com
DailyOnTV.com FaunaFun.com FollowingScript.com Inscribings.com JillionFish.com JillionWire.com
JobTending.com LuckyTogether.com MannaMatch.com MassMarch.com MMArounds.com OnlyUsChicks.com
PartyConnects.com RadioActions.com RushingBoards.com SapphireAngel.com SaucyStar.com SmoochinPooches.com
TakeRush.com TangledLeash.com ToughButter.com TrackingTunes.com TwoAmazing.com UniformWild.com
VocalVine.com WorkGrad.com


 Affiliated sites content is not explicit. You agree that this type of content does not cause you offense. We are not liable to remove content that causes you offense though we will do so if it is in breach of our own content policy.


Guidelines on Safer Dating (Safety tips)

Our website is about fun and exploring your sexuality in a friendly environment. You are responsible for your own safety - clearly we cannot accept responsibility for your personal safety under any circumstances. However, we are committed to our users having fun and being safe. However, be aware that nothing we say can completely protect you and you must therefore exercise your own judgment when meeting people and in choosing the activities you get involved in.


Member conduct on the sites 
Members must not:

- post, send, email, store, upload, or link to any material or content that is or may be offensive, illegal, unlawful or discriminate against any persons race, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation or any other preferences;

- interfere with another's enjoyment of any of the sites;

- impersonate any person or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person;

- create more than one profile on any of the sites: multiple profiles are not permitted and if you are found to have created multiple profiles we will terminate your membership immediately without refund of any membership fees;

- use the sites for advertising goods or services without our written consent;

- upload to any of the sites or do anything that breaches these terms and conditions;

- copy, modify, create a derivative work of, reverse engineer or assemble or otherwise abuse our rights in relation to any of our software;

- attempt to access any area of any of the sites for which you are not authorized or access our system without our written consent;

- do anything which materially affects (or may materially affect) the functionality of our systems of any of the sites.


We reserve the right to (without notice or justification in our absolute discretion but not so that we are obliged to exercise any right):

- take down or alter any material you upload to the sites;

- cancel your membership at any time - fees will not be reimbursed unless we are unable to justify the cancellation;

- withdraw any of the sites at any time - again, fees will not be reimbursed unless we are unable to justify the withdrawal;

- read your messages to and from other members and copy any such messages that may be evidence of breach (if we reasonably believe you, or another member with whom you are in contact, have breached our terms and conditions) - usually we will only do this if we receive a complaint from another member.


Password use

On becoming a member you choose your username and password. You must not disclose your password to anyone and should be aware that we will never ask you for it other than in logging on to the sites so anyone asking you to produce it is to be regarded as doing so for malevolent purposes. You are responsible for all acts done in your account name and therefore for the acts of anyone you give your password to in breach of these terms and conditions.


Reporting site abuses 

We ask for your help in maintaining the high standards of the sites and the communities within them by immediately notifying us of any material or communications that are in breach of these terms or that are, or appear to be, illegal. Remember that while the sites belong to us they are also yours to enjoy.


Privacy policy 

Our privacy policy applies to all personal data you submit to us. It can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of the site homepage, or via Site Help.


Personal use only 

Any material on the sites is strictly for personal use and must not under any circumstance be used by any user for commercial purposes or used in a defamatory or derogatory manner. Material must not be duplicated in any way for use outside of the sites as this is in breach of international copyright and intellectual property laws.


Your warranties regarding uploaded materials

You warrant that all material you upload to any of the sites:

- is true, accurate and up-to-date (and you agree to maintain it as such at all times);

- is your own creation/property or that you have consent to upload it to the sites and in all cases that uploading the material does not breach any third party's intellectual property rights;

- is not defamatory, illegal, unlawful, offensive or discriminatory in any way;

- has been processed by up-to-date virus-checking software and found to be free of any virus, worm, Trojan or other similar device or effect that alters or may alter the functioning of any of the sites or any computer system at any time.


Your Indemnity 

You agree to indemnify (reimbursing all liabilities, costs and expenses actually incurred) us against any costs, claims, liabilities or expenses arising out of breach of these terms and condition and to keep us so indemnified at all times.


Use of material you submit 

We reserve the right to use any material submitted to the site during or after the registration process for online and offline promotional purposes without limit on time or usage. We try to contact originators of such material prior to its use but we do not have to do so.


Monitoring of content

Although we do not actively monitor submissions to the site or content posted by users and accept no responsibility or liability for this, submission and content posted may be subject to real-time vetting and monitoring. We reserve the right to amend or remove content without justification. In particular, we may do so if we receive a complaint about content, feel the content is unsuitable, in violation of the law, contains political content or in any way breach of these terms and conditions.


Ownership of trademarks etc. on this website 

The trademarks, logos, names and images displayed on this website are the registered or unregistered trademarks of the company and others. Except where expressly stated to the contrary, nothing in this website confers any license or right to use any trademark displayed on this website without our prior written approval or the owner of the relevant trademark. We reserve the right to notify members via email of promotional offers, news and other information - we will only do so if members have opted-in to receive such communications.



We may occasionally have to perform necessary network maintenance and/or network upgrades. These specified time periods are referred to as "Scheduled Maintenance Windows".


Supported Browsers 

We support most of the popular web browsers currently in use. However, we can not guarantee that the specific browser you use will be able to display the site and all its features accurately. Please refer to our Help section for a full list of supported browsers.


Right to alter or suspend any site, service or feature

We reserve the right to alter or suspend any site, service or feature at any time without prior notification or explanation.


Rights in website content

All rights, including copyright and database rights, in the sites and the content thereof are owned or controlled by us. We retain all copyright, database rights and other intellectual property rights in material contained on or in relation to the sites and you may not copy, reproduce, download, republish, extract, broadcast, transmit, display, modify or re-use any of the materials on the sites for any other purpose.


Exclusion of liability for linked websites

Whilst we exercise reasonable care in the selection of websites to which we link, we do not control their content, format or availability. Therefore:

- we give no warranties, endorsements or recommendations in relation to any products or services mentioned or any statements contained in third party sites;

- we disclaim all responsibility for any content you encounter, or events which may occur once you have transferred out of this website and are not be liable to you or anyone for any damages or other losses of any type whatsoever incurred by visiting a linked site.


Exclusion of liability for site content

You agree that whilst we take all reasonable measures to ensure the truth and accuracy of information on the sites, we are not responsible for any wrong, inaccurate information whether it is posted by us or a member and you are advised to independently verify such information before relying on it. We also accept no responsibility for any misleading information posted by other members and accordingly are you are advised to proceed with caution in dealing with other members.


Exclusion of liability for viruses, etc

Whilst we take all reasonable precautions to protect the sites and its users against worms, viruses and other harmful material, before downloading or using any potentially harmful material on the sites, you are advised to ensure that your systems have up-to-date virus detecting software and have that software check the safety of any materials. Therefore, we do not accept responsibility for any defects, viruses or other harmful components that may be contained within any of the sites.


Exclusion of liability for loss

To the extent permitted by applicable laws, no liability is accepted for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage or loss of use, data, business opportunity or profits, whether in an action in contract, negligence or other tortious action, however resulting from the access to and use of this website and the information and materials contained on it (but for the avoidance of doubt this clause does not exclude liability for death or personal injury).


Termination of website use rights

A user's authorization to use this website automatically terminates without notice if the user fails to comply with any of these terms. On termination, the user must cease all use of the sites.


Right to amend these terms 

We may at any time revise these terms by posting changes on the sites. The continued use of this website after changes are posted constitutes your acceptance of the modified terms. If you choose not to accept the modified terms and you are a fee paying member, we will upon request return a fair proportion (related to the time left unexpired on your membership) of the membership fee.


Applicable laws

These terms are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of The United States of America and in particular the State of New York. If any of the terms is held to be unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms. You agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Untied States of America Courts.