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What do a basketball point guard, a Little League coach, a volleyball player, and the captain of a soccer team have in common? They’re all on! is a haven for athletes of all ages, providing a forum where they can talk about their passion for sports, trade tips, and share exciting videos and play-by-plays. Fueled by the latest video technology (along with a sports drink of your choice, of course), is a free community website where members can create personal profiles, message and chat with other athletes, and talk about their interests with people who share their love for athleticism, as well as network.

If you normally feel like you’re in the outfield when it comes to interacting with non-athletes, then is the perfect opportunity for you to meet kindred spirits. Athletes, coaches, and parents can all log on and meet. seeks to utilize the hottest video technology on the market to create a free community for athletes to commune and mingle. eMUQtech Inc. was just the ticket, and with their help, has created a sports site like no other.

After you sign up for your free membership, you can create your profile within minutes with a webcam. Video is easy to use, and keeps you from wasting your time trying to skim through profiles. Instead, you can just watch people’s introduction videos, and any other videos they might feel like uploading – like some footage from their karate match or that homerun they scored at the bottom of the ninth. You can craft your own experience on by deciding what you want to upload.

Whether you’re looking for the best hockey team for little Timmy or you’re a coach looking for enthusiastic players, it doesn’t matter: welcomes all athletes to share their undying excitement about the fantastic world of sports.

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